Ladies High Heels Protection Range

Gel insole providing combined skeletal shock reduction upon heel strike with mild support to the arch of the foot.

Self Adhesive Gel Arch

Supports (One size)

From £8.95

Soft Gel Ball of Foot Pads (2 PAIRS PACK)


Clear Gel Heel Grip Cushions (One size)

From £2.95

Ladies 3/4 Length Gel Insoles (One size)

From £7.95

15cm Gel Lined Toe Protector Tubing

From £4.95

Gel Toe Props For Hammer/Clawed Toes

From £3.95

Gel Bunion Shield
Toe Protector

From £3.95

Gel Disc Gel Toe Protectors

From £4.95

Gel Toe Wedge Protectors

From £4.95

Gel Bunion Shield with a Toe Separator

From £4.95

Gel Tailors Bunion
Shield For 5th Toe

From £3.95

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