Adhesive Pads & Surgical Tape Range

Our range includes: swanfoam padding, chiropody felt, fleecy web padding, pre-cut corn rings, bunion rings, bunion pads and hapla-band and chirofix surgical tapes.

Adhesive Foam Padding (22.5 x 15cm)

From £2.75


Adhesive Wool Felt Padding (22.5 x 15cm)

From £2.95

Adhesive Fine, Fleecy  Padding (22.5 x 13cm)

From £2.75

Adhesive Oval Bunion Pads (One size)

From £3.95

Adhesive Fine, Fleecy Bunion Pads (One size)

From £3.95

Adhesive Oval, Digital Corn Pads (One size)

From £1.95

Tubular Toe Foam 12cm Long

From £1.95

Sterile Melolin Wound Dressings (5 x 5cm)

From £2.95

Tubular Toe Dressing (TUBINETTE)

From £4.95

Chirofix Adhesive Surgical Tape

From £3.95

Hapla Band Adhesive Surgical Tape

From £6.95

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