Ladies 3/4 Length Cushion Gel Insoles

Dreamyfeet cushion 3/4 length clear invisible self adhesive gel insoles offering excellent shock absorption. 

• Fits all shoe types - Especially suitable for dress shoes that have limited room.
• The all-day, everyday comfort.

• Utilises self adhesive peel and stick technology.

• Provides superior comfort, cushioning and shock absorption.

• Suitable for Mortons Neuroma and Metatarsalgia (Ball of the foot pain). 

• Helps prevent blisters, corn and callus formations.

• One size.
• 1 Pair per pack.

1 Pair per pack ONLY   £7.95   Product Code GB95

2 Pairs per pack ONLY £11.95 Product Code GB95A

3 Pairs per pack ONLY £14.95 Product Code GB95B

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Gel Ball-of-the-Foot Metatarsal Pads

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