Gel Toe Support Props - Hammer Toes & Clawed Toes

Anatomically moulded gel designed to relieve the discomfort of hammer toes by raising and realigning the toes.

• Suitable to protect and prevent callus and corns at the ends of the three middle toes.

• The mineral oil helps to moisturise dry, cracked skin.

• Cost effective to adhesive pads.

• Very comfortable and easy to use.

• Can be used to separate over and under lapping toes.

• Loop keeps the toe prop firmly in place.

• One size.

1 pair pack for                  £5.95 Product Code P4106

2 pairs pack for                £9.95 Product Code P4106A

Left Only 1 per pack for   £3.95 Product Code P4106L

Right Only 1 per pack for £3.95 Product Code P4106R

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