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Please Note

There will be a break in or adjustment period in wearing your new footbeds. Since most of us are not used to having footwear that properly supports the arch and the heel, the support may feel unusual, but it should not hurt. Be sure to wear your FootSupports custom Orthotics for a minimum of three days before considering re-heating the FootSupports custom orthotics to further adjust to your feet. 

If I have a foot problem won't moulding the insole just make the problem worse?

By following the instructions on the package, your foot will approximate the neutral position. A neutral foot position will ensure the heated FootSupports custom orthotics correctly mould to your feet, eliminating problems, not exacerbating existing problems. In addition, because the FootSupports custom orthotics have just the right amount of rigidity, they will conform to your feet without becoming flat or unsupportive. 

What is the advantage of heat mouldable footbeds over regular insoles?

No two feet are the same and a heat mouldable footbed conforms to fit every unique foot perfectly. Competing insoles claim to offer arch supports, control and comfort, but for whose foot? Regular insoles weren't designed for just your foot! Only FootSupports custom orthotics were designed to adjust to your unique foot. 

Why do FootSupports custom Orthotics cost less than traditional custom orthotic products?

FootSupports custom orthotics cost less than traditional custom orthotics because they use a special heat to fit technology. Heat to fit technology allows everyone to get a custom fit without the high cost associated with visiting a health care professional. While the FootSupports custom orthotics will not take the place of a foot care professional for people with severely troubled feet, the unique combination of materials allow the FootSupports custom orthotics to adjust to exactly your foot shape! Custom FootSupports custom orthotics are truly a revolution in foot care technology.

Do I need to heat them before I wear them?

You can wear the FootSupports custom orthotics without heating them. If you require maximum support this may be best. However, heating and moulding them to your feet will improve both the comfort and overall support. 

How long will they last?

The FootSupports custom orthotics  should last at least for 1 year but the durapontex cushioning layer uses open cell polyurethane so it will not bottom out or compress over time.  

Can FootSupports custom Orthotics be heated more than once?

Sure. Your FootSupports custom orthotics can be reheated up to five times. Excessive amounts of heating will cause your footbeds to lose their supportive, anatomically designed shape. If you feel the heating process didn’t adjust your FootSupports custom orthotics to your satisfaction simply reheat them. 

Can I use them in different footwear?

Absolutely. You can use your FootSupports custom orthotics in almost any type of footwear. You can use them in trainers, running, tennis, cross training shoes, hiking boots, ski boots, skates, roller blades, or even casual shoes. Feel free to move your existing insoles from one type of footwear to the next. 

What size do they come in?

FootSupports custom Orthotics come in sizes XS (3-4.5 UK), S (5-6.5 UK), M (7-8.5 UK), L (9-10.5 UK) and XL (11-13 UK). If you are between sizes, simply choose the larger size and trim the toe area of the insole to fit your existing shoes. To do this, simply place your old insoles over your insole and trace out the shape. Using the tracing as a guide, cut the insole to the correct size with scissors. 

How do I wash my new FootSupports custom Orthotics?

If your FootSupports custom orthotics need to be cleaned, simply hand wash the top layer with soap and water. Do not machine wash your FootSupports custom orthotics. 

Who will answer my additional questions?

If you have any further questions you can e-mail: or Call 0845 519 8929

FootSupports 30 Days Guarantee

•Our 30 Day No-Quibble Guarantee is the best in the business. None of our competitors even come close to offering this kind of guarantee.

•If your FootSupports custom orthotics aren't the best fitting insoles you've ever tried, return them within 30 days for a full refund. It's just that simple.

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