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Chilblains are an extreme reaction to cold, in which superficial blood vessels contract excessively causing skin to go pale and numb, then red, swollen, and itchy. They are most common on the hands and feet and can break and get worse with repeated exposure to cold and damp.

To help prevent chilblains, keep your feet and legs warm, especially if your circulation is poor and your mobility is limited. The whole leg rather than just the feet, needs to be kept warm, so trousers, long boots, tights and leg warmers or long socks will help.

Wool is comfortable and warm as it naturally traps air, but other fibres will be equally warm if they are knitted. Try not to expose yourself to extremes of cold, perhaps by delaying going out until later in the day. Try not to stand or sit in a cold, draughty environment.

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Cold Feet - Gehwol ‘Red’ Foot Cream

Foot Cream - Rich emollient cream.

A warming balm - revives tired, worn out, aching feet. Invigorating camphor, extracts of paprika and ginger as well as essential oils of rosemary and mountain pine impart a pleasant feeling of warmth.

125ml Tube £8.95 Product Code 10307  

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